Skills for the IELTS Writing Module

All too often students begin planning or even writing their answer in the IELTS writing module before they understand what is actually expected of them. Following the steps below will help you to plan a well-structured and coherent essay or report that addresses the given task.

1. Preparation
You may wish to spend about 5-7 minutes working out exactly what you are going to do. There are five steps to considers :

  • Study the question carefully. Most task statement or question have a key instructional word or words telling you what to do. Note these words with a pen or pencil. There are also key topic words that point to the most important parts of the question. Underline those word too. Ask yourself how the key words relate to the given instruction.

  • Think carefully about the topic. How do you feel about it ?

  • Establish a point of view and list some points for development. The answer normally takes the form of a short essay. The word 'essay' comes from the french verb essayer, which means ' to attempt or try out' or ' to test'. In an IELTS writing module task 2 answer, your purpose is to develop your point of view in a convincing way.

  • Decide which points will be written as topic sentences. Think about how they will develop into paragraphs.

  • Ensure that your points are arranged in a logical order

2. Writing

When you are writing a task 2 answer, structure based on the following elements could be used.
  • Introductory paragraph
The introduction of a task 2 answer should begin with a general statement or idea of your own that takes into account the key topic words ot their synonyms. The last sentence of the introduction should include a thesis statement, which shows the point of view or direction that will be taken in the answer.

  • Body paragraphs
Body paragraph each consist of several sentences that are arranged in a logical way to develop main idea. You can expect to write about 3 body paragraph for a task 2 answer. Each of these contains an appropriate connective word to ensure a smooth transition between paragraphs. This connective is then put in a topic sentence, which is the main point of the paragraph clearly stated in sentence. Every sentence in the paragraph must be directly related to it. Try to develop every paragraph adequately. This may be done through the use of examples, explanation, detail, logical inference, cause and effect, or making comparison or contrasts. There are many different ways to organise your ideas for body paragraphs. Be confident of the ideas you choose.

The conclusion

A good conclusion serves several purpose:
  • It indicates the end of your essays
  • It gives your final thoughts and assessments on the essay subject.
  • It weighs up the points in your essay and should strengthen your thesis statement.
Do not simply repeat your opening paragraph. This appears too mechanical and superficial.

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