Skills for the IELTS Reading Module

One of the main difficulties experienced by students doing the Reading Module is not having enough time to complete the test. It is, therefore, essential to read both effeciently and effectively.

There are four main skills that you will need in order to do well in the IELTS Reading Module. It is useful to use the following procedure for each text that is given.

  • Previewing ( about 2 minutes for each passage )
(a). Study the passage by noting :
  1. titles
  2. heading
  3. illustrations
  4. diagram
  5. any print in bold type or italics
(b). Study key parts of the passage by skimming. Read the first paragraph, which often focuses on the main idea. The first sentence of each paragraph usually expresses the key points of the paragraph. Generally, the concluding paragraph provides a summary of the given passage. You may wish to highlight these with a pen or pencil.
  • Interpreting the instruction and question ( about 2 minutes )
Read each word of the instruction carefully and ensure that you understand exactly what is required and in what form. For example, the instruction may say. 'choose no more than there words form the passage for each answer'. In this situation, it would not be acceptable to write four or more words. Often students find the right answer but present it in the wrong form and, unfortunately, do not score any marks for that answer. Understanding what is required, therefore, is just as important as finding the right answer in the passage.

When you are looking at the question, you need to recognise:
  1. what type of question you have to answer ( is it gap-filling, multiple choice, macthing information etc ? )
  2. whether the question requires a specific or general answer
  3. what form the answer should take ( is it a number, date, reason etc ? )
  • Scanning the text for specific answer ( about 1 minutes per question )
Use your time wisely. spend no longer than one minute on finding each answer. Look only in the given text, table, diagram or graph for the answer required. Locate key words in the question and find them, or synonyms for them, in the text. The sentences around these words are most likely to contain the answer you need.

If you are still unsure of the answer after you have spent approximately one minute on the question, make a sensible guess in the appropriate form. You may wish to mark the answer you are unsure of in some way so that, if you do have time at the end of the reading module, you can check these answer again.

  • Checking your answer
After you have completed your answer for each section, you need to check them. Check that you have followed the instruction exactly. If you have time, return to the answer you marked because you were unsure and decide if the answer you have given are the best ones.

Do not leave any answer blank as you do not lose marks for incorrect answer.

Goodluck.Semoga berhasil !


a well framed essay.. the only thing i felt is the need to state your opinion clearly in the introduction..

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